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Art Renaissance for a post recession - 2012 world

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I am re-quoting an article that I read regarding the arts. Let me know if you agree also!

"No Renaissance can occur without building its foundation upon the arts. Art is not entertainment or just a business. Art is a way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit. A comprehensive understanding and appreciation of art, in its most profound manifestation...aesthetic, religious, cosmic...defined every great civilization of the past and without it there will be no great civilization of the future.

For America to experience its Renaissance, it is incumbent upon everyone to do what they can within their means. For the wealthy, buy from and support living artists for the value of how the work hits the heart, not for its eventual resale value. For everyone else, give a holiday, birthday, wedding, graduation gift that is artisan made, not manufactured in an offshore factory. And when buying for children, give gifts that will further their creative talents in arts and crafts rather than occupy their minds with disposable toys and electronic games."

from The Trends Journal, Autumn 2009